It's important to exfoliate after your sugaring hair removal treatment, waiting 36-48hrs as your pores are open and susceptible to bacteria exposure. Ensure to exfoliate the skin no more than 3x a week using a gentle silicone exfoliating brush. Feel free to use a natural exfoliating scrub or a gentle, chemical, perfume & dye free cleanser.

In addition, avoid direct sun exposure & activities that cause you to sweat as sweat harbors bacteria and skin irritation can occur. 

You will see new hair starting to surface within 2-3 weeks following your service. If you are brand new to sugaring, it is recommended that you book your next appointment for 2-4 weeks following the first visit in order to retrain the hair growth and benefit the most from sugaring's ability to dramatically decrease the re-growth.

If you have any additional questions about aftercare,

don't hesitate to contact us!