In order to assure that you have a great experience after you've completed your appointment, please see the details below. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Following your sugaring hair removal service, it's important to exfoliate the skin to avoid ingrown hairs that come with regrowth. To avoid additional skin irritation/inflammation, allow your skin to heal for up to 36hrs before exfoliation. Exfoliate no more than 3x a week using a silicone exfoliating brush in the shower with a gentle, perfume & dye free cleanser or scrub.

In addition, avoid direct sun exposure & activities that cause you to sweat in the areas of hair removal as sweat harbors bacteria and with open pores after hair removal services, this can cause skin irritation.


You will see/feel new hair growth starting to surface within the 2-3 weeks following your service. If you are brand new to sugaring, it is recommended that you book your next appointment for 2-4 weeks following the first visit in order to retrain the hair growth and benefit the most from sugaring's ability to dramatically decrease the about of re-growth.