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Are you currently pregnant?
What's your skin type?
Do you have any known allergies?
Have you had any of the following treatments in the past 30 days in the area?
Have you received any Botox, Juvederm, or other dermal fillers in the last two weeks?
Have you ever received chemical peels, laser services, or microdermabrasion treatments?
How did you hear about Beauty By Jaye?
Have you ever had a facial or skin treatment before?
Do you have any skin concerns?
Do you...? (Please select)
What Skin Care Products do you currently use?
Have you ever had a facial or skin treatment before?


  • Nourishing oils will be used on your skin during your treatment. We suggest showering before your appointment so you can leave these oils on your skin as long as possible.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment(tank top preferable)


  • Do not undertake any other facial treatments within 48 hours of your appointment

  • Avoid heat treatments such as sauna, steam room for 48 hours.

  • Avoid perfumed products, soaps, self-tanners, heavy makeup, and skin-care products

  • Avoid picking at your skin

  • Skip the toner

  • Postpone your daily workout. Sweat harbors bacteria. We don’t want that back in our fresh facial skin! Reschedule your workout

  • Lay off any exfoliators or face scrubs for 72hrs

  • Drink plenty of water to flush away any toxins following the treatment.

  • Avoid showering before bed to allow facial products maximum time to treat your skin

  • **Facials are an external way to detoxify. Occasionally after a facial service, you may experience “purging” e.g. pimples or rashes as toxins release through the skin. This is your body’s way of ridding your skin from years of dead skin cell build-up, sebum+environmental toxins, and impurities. Not often but mild redness can occur after facial services. This is normal! Ridding your body of toxins can boost energy and leave your skin looking & feeling luminous

**Please remember that we all react differently to skincare services. If you experience a reaction to your treatment that continues for more than 24 hours please see your doctor. Beauty By Jaye is an esthetician and not a medical professional. Beauty By Jaye can not and will not treat/diagnose any medical skincare diseases, conditions or disorders.


I have stated all conditions that I am aware of and this information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I will inform my Esthetician/Clinician if anything changes in my status. I understand that any skin care treatments I receive are for the purpose of stress reduction and therapeutic skin care. If I experience any pain or discomfort, I will immediately inform my Clinician so that the method and products can be adjusted to my comfort level. If I am unable to attend or complete my scheduled appointment, I will respect and abide by the set cancellation policies. I understand that sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will not be tolerated and will result in the termination of my session. I understand that I am receiving skin care at my own risk and that in the event I become injured either directly or indirectly as a result, in whole or in part of the aforesaid massage therapy, I will hold harmless and indemnify the Clinician, their principles and all agents from all the claims and liabilities whatsoever. I understand that I am expected to pay for all services I receive and that there are no refunds for services rendered. Additionally, I agree to abide by the cancellation policy put in place by Beauty By Jaye.


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